We have one mission: Protect the Environment.

We are your local ‘environmental ambulance’ with an average 15 minute ETA for scene clean up of illicit discharges. Cleaning streets after a traffic accident prevents more crashes, protects sensitive habitats from toxic runoff, and shields police and general public. Amber primarily uses the QuiKleen line of products. We are an exclusive distributor of QuiKleen,  an ecologically safe, state-of-the-art line of organic absorbent products.

- Fuels

- Motor Oils

- Gasoline

- Toxic Spills

- Coolants

- Battery Acids

- (Sulphuric Acid/H2SO4)

- Commodities

- Chemicals

- Hydraulic Fluids

- Bio-Hazards

We are experienced in cleaning a range of noxious fluids by absorption or total encapsulation of the following: