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  • What exactly IS Amber Scene Clean?
    Amber Scene Clean is a company that deals in the cleanup of highly sensitive situations. We are specialists primarily in the areas of motor vehicle accidents, crime scene and traumatic cleanup. We deal in situations that are beyond the scope of what is considered “typical cleaning”. Amber Scene Clean handles everything from removing fingerprint powder after a burglary, to cleaning a location after a suicide or unattended death. It is our business, to restore what once was. Amber Scene Clean will clean, disinfect, and sanitize the affected area. We will remove and dispose of any items that cannot be salvaged. Amber Scene Clean will replace flooring, patch walls, paint, whatever the task needed in order to resume normalcy to the environment in which we are called. Amber Scene Clean restores accident scenes to their pre-event condition.
  • How long does it take Amber Scene Clean to respond to a call?
    Our normal response time is within 15-20 minutes of receiving your call. Clients are immediately notified if for some unforeseen reason there is to be a delay. We understand the sensitivity of such situations and the importance of a timely response to your scene.
  • What is the cost of this type of service?
    The cost of this service is determined on a case by case basis. Each case is different and unique from each other. It is impossible to predict, in advance of viewing the scene, what supplies and man-hours will be needed. In most cases, this service is reimbursed through insurance coverage.
  • What does ASC do with the contaminated items that are collected?
    All items are disposed of in compliance and strict adherence with EPA guidelines. All items are destroyed at an approved EPA waste incinerator.
  • Are my neighbors going to see vehicles with "CRIME SCENE" written on them if I call ASC to a scene?"
    We understand discretion. With the exception of our accident remediation vehicles our vehicles are not intrusive and provide us with confidence that we will be able to work without being a spectacle. All vehicles are unmarked or minimally lettered, thereby assuring your privacy.
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