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What We Do

Amber Scene Clean specializes in roadway clean up and accident scene remediation. We offer Emergency services with a fast response time of just 15-20 minutes (rather than the typical 2-4 hours). Our rapid response time ensures that spills do not spread – which saves money, lives and the environment. We use QuiKleen organic absorbent products which soak up and totally encapsulate spilled fluids safely and efficiently.


Emergency Cleanup

Including fuels, coolants, battery acids, toxic spills, chemicals, gas and bio-hazards


Power in the Product

We are a distributor (and customer!) of the superior QuiKleen product line


Excellent ETAs

Our emergency response time is 15-20 minutes for the majority of spills!


Local Connections

We work closely with the EPA, insurance firms, fire and rescue services, police departments, local governments, debris removal companies, tree trimming services, construction companies, & commodity haulers


Trained & Professional Staff

Our company employs expert trainers of QuiKleen products & emergency spill response protocol

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