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About Us

Amber Scene Clean is Massachusetts leading local motor vehicle accident and trauma scene cleanup company. Our technicians respond immediately to any situation requiring motor vehicle accident remediation, blood cleanup, suicide cleanup, hoarding cleanup and more. Our technicians are certified, highly trained and ready to handle any situation, any time, day or night.

Amber Scene Clean has a rich and varied story. After a combined 70 years of responding to traffic accidents and witnessing spill after spill over the years, business partners Bill Johnson and John Borowski knew harmful fluids were degrading the environment and ruining water supplies. Bill's towing company, Hampshire Towing, had entered the fuel delivery service in 1989 promoting safe handling and fast delivery by establishing Amber Energy. Keeping the environment in mind, Bill’s family business brought John on board to begin accident remediation for minor spills and Amber Scene Clean was born. Family owned and operated, Amber Scene Clean – along with Hampshire Towing – is now a division of Amber Energy.

Fulfilling the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) vision for a safer environment, Amber Scene Clean works hard to prevent illicit discharges from seeping into storm water management systems. Larger companies are only able to respond to an accident scene or spill within 2–4 hours, while Amber Scene Cleans' response time is just 15 to 20 minutes in most cases. Our experienced staff is trained and qualified to respond to spills quickly. After all, the Amber team considers all cleanups an environmental emergency that only worsens with time. We recognize that when the environment and people are threatened…every minute truly matters.

Amber Scene Clean rapidly cleanses lethal toxic fluids from roadways, parking lots and garages, and in turn.....

  • Prevents more serious accidents & exacerbation

  • Safeguards people, animals, emergency personnel

  • Protects habitats from poisonous runoff

  • Secures water supplies – springs, rivers, lakes, oceans

  • Preserves farms, gardens, groves, forests, landscaping

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